Tony Quarrington’s The Group of Seven Suite

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Tony Quarrington’s The Group of Seven Suite

QuarringtonMcMichael Gallery – In 2001, Tony Quarrington fulfilled a ten-year dream when he recorded his eight-part Group of Seven Suite, performed that same year at the McMichael. Eleven years later, Quarrington returns to the gallery for another performance of his musical tribute to the Group of Seven.

Style: "gorillaish"The event will be hosted by the JAZZ FM91’s Jaymz Bee who is celebrating his 50th Birthday. Musicians who participated in the Suite’s original recording including Jane Bunnett, Jeff Bird of Cowboy Junkies,and Brian Dickinson, will join Tony Quarrington in this exceptional performance. The band will also feature Larry Cramer, Roberto Occipinti, Mike McClelland, and vocals by Laura Smith.

The Group of Seven Suite was inspired by the works October Gold by Franklin Carmichael and Mountain Portage by Fred Varley which are currently on view at the McMichael.

Note: Concert price includes gallery admission. A special tour of the Group of Seven works will be offered at 1:00 p.m.