‘Songs of Tony Quarrington’ Album Now Available

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‘Songs of Tony Quarrington’ Album Now Available

Now (finally!) available – ‘The Songs of Tony Quarrington‘ album recorded live featuring 16 artists playing Tony’s songs.

Includes tracks by Jon Brooks, Glen Hornblast, David Storey, HOTCHA!, Wendell Ferguson, Sebastian Agnello, Brian Gladstone, Isabel Fryszberg, Soozi Schlanger, Wayne Neon, Noah Zacharin & Laura Fernandez, Fraser Anderson, Joe Hall, Stuart Laughton, with intro by Heather Fielding all performing songs written by Tony Quarrington.   Also featuring Margaret Stowe, Tony LaViola, and Malcolm Gould. Produced by Brian Gladstone.

 The album was recorded live in August 2016 at the Black Swan in Toronto.  More information is available here http://tonyquarringtonsongs.com/the-songs-of-tony-quarrington/

 Review and play copies are available. Pls email me at brian@winterfolk.com for a media copy.